Vintage Boho Home Decor – 9 Trending Rugs & Carpets

Vintage boho home decor is all about leaving traces inspired from the late ’40s and ’50s to cherish in the modern era we live in. The exquisitely crafted boho rugs, boho carpets, antiques, and vintage collectibles that surround the people’s artistic homes, stuck with us somewhere, don’t they? 

Vintage home decor with a taste of boho inspires us instantly wanting to capture the same flavor for our homes too. The unique, individualistic, and elegant old-fashioned vintage acquisitions are enough to add the perfect blend of making us feel nostalgic every time we are surrounded by such a bohemian-inspired place.

And as intricate as it seems in the pictures of a magazine or a classic movie, in reality, it’s not that hard to accomplish the finish for your dream homes too. 

But do we even know what exactly vintage home decor consists of? What makes a vintage home so special as compared to other home decor styles? Let’s explore these for once and for all, shall we? 

So vintage, as the literal meaning suggests, is anything that is associated with something great in the past. It’s believed to revive our journeys to the yore. The intention to decorate our homes in a way wherein we put together collectibles inspired from the past in order to elevate our home is what we mean by vintage home decor.

When talking vintage, a lot of the designing and decoration items are inspired by exotic fabrics, bright colors, and lots and lots of carpets and rugs spread all over the place which was popular decades back. Now that we are talking about carpets and rugs, vintage decor holds a special place for this category. 

Now if you are wondering why we are so obsessed with rugs and carpets, that’s because, without them, no vintage look is complete. Rugs add-on to the entire charisma of how a vintage boho room should depict itself. Tons of carpets go with various types of spacing, outlook, area, and overall decor of your house.

Rug it up to transform the basic-looking room into a phenomenal one, want to make your little space even warmer and cozier? Rugs are the way to go. And the greatest advantage lies in its soundproof qualities. It has dual functionality to beautify the room and hide the imperfections which you never want your guests to know about. 

If you are still not convinced as to how a rug acts as a game-changer in the era of decorating your home vintage style, we will tell you exactly why you need to re-think about this. 

Let’s first talk in greater detail about how rugs or carpets can add a breath of fresh air to your regular home:-

Rugs Help Brighten a Dark and Gloomy Room

Dark floorings always manage to consume a considerable amount of spark from the entire room somehow. That’s because the floors sometimes look dull and vague because of time-to-time maintenance and seem to take away the room’s charm to a great level.

And that’s when the lighter and brighter toned rugs or carpets help to gain back the grace of your homes effortlessly. You will be surprised to unleash how a fabric can turn a monotonous flooring into an artistic one. 

A neutral color rug or a plain white one helps win back the life of any dead room and can completely make you forget about the much-needed polishing your floor was in need of. Even a rug full of exotic embroidery and tons of patterns improves and enhances the overall look of the room. 

It also does wonders to compliment the weather and the mood you are in, when feeling blue in winters, throw on something light to uplift your mood. And when the summers arrive, play with the colors and get as innovative with the illustrations as you can. The versatility rugs provide is way more than you can even think of. 

Rugs Can Completely Transform the Theme of a Room

From an earthly blue to a lustrous forest green in a fraction of seconds, rugs work like a miracle! If you are a person who hates monotony and feels like getting rid of the decor of your home from time to time, rugs are the most cost-efficient and swift way to go about it. Rugs add a definition with every unique design, size, and pattern they are available in.

Varying from the kind of details on them to how and where you choose to place them, it’s like renovating your house within a few hours. 

With rugs and carpets, you can get as creative and imaginative as you wish. You can try layering the rugs on top of one another to yield a unique look out of it.

To push your creativity to a greater level, you can use rugs to behave as individual elements to add two separate sections to a grand living room and accessorizing each of them in different ways to feed your creative soul with satisfaction. Carpets of various sizes can easily produce a novel effect on a single room or divide it into portions.

When it comes to using rugs as the main element of your home decor, trust me, the sky is the limit. 

Boho Rugs and Sound Barrier Qualities 

Carpets and rugs do have soundproof qualities which makes them even more lovable. It’s common to get annoyed with footsteps approaching when you have wooden flooring, right? Well, good news, thick rugs help you overcome the irritation seamlessly by muffling the bothersome noises and sounds.

Rugs or Carpets Make a Room Appear Tight

There is something about rugs and carpets that makes any room look more organized, tight, and put together. Rugs give a relaxing visual delight wherein even the most basic decorated room looks well put. The main reason for a rug to play such a crucial role is because it demands the most attention when someone walks into a house.

It’s the wall-to-wall carpeting and layering which seems to soothe our eyes beautifying any house more than ever. A rug gives a color palette to start with and stick to when accessorizing your home vintage style. It forms the entire foundation of how you can add a bohemian angle with a touch of vintage.

Layering Rugs Are a Great Home Decor Hack

Rugs being such a versatile element in the world of interior designing can bump the look and feel of every single room up a notch. So, if you feel like things have gotten a little dull and you want to experiment, don’t be afraid to put rugs into the equation. Layering is one such example of the same wherein you can top rugs on top of another one to get an outstanding look which is hard to find in the market if you go about searching.

Layering a light color textured rug on top of a neutral one works like magic for your place. Design your own unique rug by trying and throwing layers on top of layers to make the final outcome way more interesting and out-of-the-box. 

Rugs Give a Cozy and Comfy Feeling

How convenient it becomes to lie on the floor without worrying to get cold, isn’t it? You can work while having some throw pillows to your side, read a book, take a nap, and it would never feel like anything you experience in bed. Adding a rug somehow makes the place feel warmer, cozier, and homely. 

Cleaning a Rug is Not That Difficult After All

Now if you are a cleanliness freak and it bugs you when people come without removing their shoes in the living room, then there’s good news for you. Cleaning rugs is not a mess as you think it would be. The fibers of the rugs are vacuuming-friendly. Even if you don’t get enough time to vacuum them on a regular basis, they won’t get dirty fast.

However, it’s advisable to vacuum at least twice a week to retain its newness and freshness. It’s also a good idea because it saves you from the replacement cost of a rug which can sometimes cost a lot from time to time. 

Rugs are a Game Changer

You can try this for yourself and see the difference. Decorate all you want in vintage or boho style with your favorite antiques, showpieces, wall frames, etc, with and without having to place a carpet on the floor. You can see for yourself the huge difference you encounter in the way they look before and after.

The colors, patterns, designs, textures, and size of any rug or carpet do make a huge difference. It undoubtedly elevates the vibes and decor standards beyond expectations. 

You can instantly experience the room getting brighter, the colors popping out more, and the accessories which never looked as beautiful as they do after putting on a matching or contrasting rug. 

Now that you know, what drastic effects do rugs possess with themselves, it’s also important to understand that there are various kinds of rugs and carpets which are available at the market, however, as every rug is made from a different fabric, their purpose and the place where they go in your home differs. 

Now let’s explore what are the different kinds of trending rugs and carpets you can use when you are decorating your home vintage style with a touch of bohemian vibe. In the end, it’s for you to decide which rug or carpet fits the best as per your preference.

Shag Boho Area Rug

boho shag rug with geometric pattern

It’s pretty obvious if you have already started visualizing it as long runny threads going all around the rug, as the name speaks for itself. However, it actually is extremely soft and composed of Scandinavian woolen, known to have used sheep’s wool in it which consists of a shag-like heap of 1-3 inches. They are also known by the name, Rya rugs. 

The shags typically go well with the areas where there is either minimum movement expected or walking barefoot is preferred as the last resort. They are carefully knotted with each knot made exclusively of three strands of wool as its specialty. 

The rich texture and design of the rug come to life when placed in a living room imparting vibes straight from the ancient palaces. 

Boho Floor Cloth

boho floor cloth

If you are a die-hard vintage or boho home decor fan and even want your bathrooms to not keep away from the bohemian outlook, floor cloths are just what you would need. With a comforting touch and feel to it, the floor cloth rugs are suitable for vinyl floors.

These are even ideal for entrances and kitchens to ooze every corner and space of your home look vintage and boho at the same time. Floorcloth is generally made of canvas specially treated with gesso, with hemmed edges, and painted in fun patterns to give it an interesting texture.

Cut Pile

Look no more if the royal vintage feeling has your full attention without having to compromise on the sturdiness of the rugs. The cut pile rugs are one of the most in-demand rugs because of their high-end-looking finish.

The fabrics used to make them are also not usual and mostly consist of nylon and olefin and sometimes wool as well. Though woolen cut pile carpets are a little costly but become a keeper for years!  

Over time, you won’t witness them fading away, provided you take proper care of them by vacuuming at least once or twice a week. Cut piles are considered supreme because of the comfort it provides, the beautiful finish it gives to your vintage home decor as well as. 

Oriental Rugs

red boho oriental area rug

Do you see those extremely detailed rugs with gorgeous patterns stretching end-to-end making it hard for you to look away from the beauty it holds?

That’s what we call a sophisticated oriental rug. Inspired by the creativity and cultures of countries like India, China, Afghanistan, Nepal, Tibet, Turkey, Romania, and various other southern and North African territories, the versatility lies all on their finely crafted oriental rugs. These are probably the most suited rugs for a vintage home vibe you never wish to get washed off. 

Flat Weave

flat weave rug near a coffee table and a chair

These rugs look a little relaxed and have a light and brisk effect because of their low piling and light textures based on the type of fabric used to make them. The look and feel of these rugs are a little drawn towards being contemporary. Flat weaves are often reversible to change the theme of the setting if you get bored of it too easily. And unlike the other types of rugs which are too delicate to walk or even stand on, these work just the opposite. 

Feel free to place them in your hallways, living room, kitchen, stairs, or anywhere there are regular movements, it won’t get torn or you will see threads coming out of them, they are made to suffer all of those harshnesses. The materials used to make them vary from cotton, wool, silk, and even jute. They come in various colors, patterns, textures, and sizes to go with any corner and a room specifically. 

Loop Pile

loop pile rug and armchair

Loop pile rugs are well known for their great durability. They are thick, tightly put together in loops, fibers tend to last long over the period of time and the heaviness makes go any impressions of the furniture it may have. They are usually put in staircases and kitchens where movements cannot be avoided, which usually make thinner carpets lose their shine, quality, and beauty which is not the case with loop pile rugs. 

Needlepoint Rug

needlepoint rug and furniture

These are the delicate babies out of the lot, crafted with carefully hand-stitched needlepoint rugs which render an obscure design. You cannot just put them in a place where there are a lot of movements like on hallways or stairs or even the living room. That is because they are extremely soft and detailed which increases their chances to get spoiled. The best decision is to make it sit at a special corner only as a visually appealing and decorative element. 


kilim boho rug and guitar

All the way from the Balkans, Pakistan, the kilim is a flat tapestry-woven rug produced exclusively there. With limited piling, it becomes a good option for solely a decorative purpose that belongs only to the special spaces and corners in your home, away from any traffic where people can walk over it. They are beautifully woven into these beautiful embroideries from which you cannot take your eyes off. 


Vintage boho homes should be a reflection of how good of a shopper you are for antique materials. Your exclusive collection makes you stand apart for sure, but also gives your home a touch of elegance. 

Achieving a vintage boho home does not need to be that hard. You certainly don’t need a degree in interior designing to nail a look that is vintage-inspired for your home. All you need is a pinch of a creative bent of mind, a scoop of imagination and creativity in abundance, and your beautiful vintage-inspired home will be ready in no time. 

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