Eclectic Boho Home Decor – Decorating Tips & Ideas

Isn’t it comforting to look at an eclectic boho home decor flawlessly in harmony with the setting? The soft-touch of multi-colored fabrics, the exotic boho prints, the appealing patterns, the delicate rugs, and the vintage accessories all-around transform any casual place into a fancy one. 

Bohemian home decor undoubtedly brings peace to soothe the chaos within us and get calm. The textures and the embellishments come together as one to bring alive the eclecticism of the entire place. 

When we speak of boho home decor, people often perceive it to be too noisy and colors clashing with one another. And that’s precisely because no one goes by the rules of interior designing when wanting to achieve the boho look altogether. 

However, there is a concept of eclectic design which can be well fused with boho home decor styling. It is a bohemian trend mixed with a blend of clean and tidy outlook without compromising on the love for the boho enthusiast within you. 

Eclectic styling is a way of putting together home decor elements that look sophisticated and chic at the same time. An eclectic boho vogue goes a long way as it’s contemporary, highly adaptive, and adjusts with all the latest trends coming along.  

It might seem unattainable or overwhelming to rock an eclectic boho look for your space, but following certain tips and tricks of choosing elements, picking colors, deciding the lightning, and picking the best rugs and carpets will make the process a lot easier than you think it is. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a boho enthusiast or a hopeless lover of natural fabrics, we have got you all covered!

We have got tons of ways by which you can decorate your dream place and convert it into a comforting home. 

So let’s deep dive into the world of all things boho when it comes to interior.

Pick the Right Color Palette

Choosing a color palette to go with your entire home setting is the first step to make your dream home appear how you want it to be. The universal principle of contrast says – the better the contrast, the easier it becomes to visually separate two items, fits like a glove when enhancing any space. 

For instance, if you are keeping the walls of the room neutral or light, for sure the other boho elements you place as fillers would pop out more. But, if you are using an eye-catchy wallpaper or loud colors for the walls, make sure to keep the elements within the room less noisy or less bright. 

The prime reason to follow this method is that it will help keep the whole look of the room balanced and not make it view as chaotic. Second, it will create cohesiveness within the environment to not make it confusing for others to decide where more to focus on. 

Picking a neutral color works well for the longevity it comes. The richer the tone of the color you pick, you would likely want to get rid of it from time to time. Plus not every color goes well with any color, so it sort of saves you from going boho shopping every year. 

Rest, the decision is entirely up to you regarding the theme you wish to opt for. Wanting something which will complement the unique taste in your style and that lifts your mood plays a critical role when deciding colors, so make sure to choose judiciously. It can be either inspired by nature’s touch or an earthy feeling or even a mix concerning the best of both worlds.

Layer It Up

Layering is the heart and soul of an eclectic boho home interior. It works wonders with any element you might think of, be it layering carpets on top of other carpets, rugs on top of rugs, pillows or cushions layered over each other and so much more. It’s a unique way of effortlessly creating a master look from so many components and materials. 

The boho style is all about making one feel comfier and at ease. The layering of cushions, throw pillows and rugs gives a homely feeling as well as elevates the mood and good vibes. 

It’s up to you how do you want to layer every bohemian design decoratives but don’t forget to prioritize how the result will look visually. For a balanced look, you can place a plain carpet and keep a smaller one on top of it. Make sure that the smaller carpet is highly detailed like a Persian or Arabic carpet to keep the distinction between the two noticeable.

Now if you happen to possess items of furniture which you would love to reuse, layering it with textured boho style decoratives is a way to make it visually attractive. Layering your tarnished furniture works as a  life hack to cover all the cracks, dents, or even its lost luster. 

It’s a great idea to never let go of your much-loved furnishings by giving them a makeover with mix and match patterned layers and let it steal all the attention.

Befriend Some Plants

An eclectic bohemian home feels half-done without having enough natural greenery in the living space. Plants and succulents proffer an earthly atmosphere that not only takes the entire look up a notch but radiates the room with positivity and lifts our spirits unconsciously. 

Though it’s your personal choice to add either indoor or artificial plants to the home, it’s advisable to use artificial plants, especially when home decor purposes. While it’s a plus with indoor plants to improve the air quality indoors but it increases the chances of attracting pests or dirt near the pots. However, artificial plants go through nothing of that sort and are extremely low maintenance. 

When decorating boho style don’t even bother about the sizes of the pots and how to place them. Play around a little, get creative, and experiment with the botanicals! Throw around various sizes and try out placing plants with all the corners and empty spaces which appear to be alienated. 

Also, instead of going the basic way of putting plants on corners, try hanging them to give them an edgy look. Plants act like individuals and not at all related when trying to give your home an eclectic boho aspect, it goes so well with the decor, furniture, carpets that it’s far away from clashing with any of the colors and decorations for that matter. 

Add Warmth With Rugs

boat inspired boho bedroom
Photo by NastyaSensei from Pexels

Does it not go without saying, how quintessential rugs are for your perfect eclectic boho room look? Rugs hold a special mention when we talk about boho home decor styling ideas. The reason being, a single piece of cloth holds all the power to outshine all the various other bohemian elements lying around your space. Ask how? Rugs are a game-changer as to how a boho room appears to be, transforms your mood, and changes the complete vibe of the room. 

It might sound like magic but trust me, rugs are more than what they are and act like chants and spells. Let’s see how you can use them to be the star of all your home decor ideas. 

First, rugs contain excellent sound absorption properties! Isn’t that great? It works great with wooden floorings, apartments or flats, and even tiles. 

Second, rugs eliminate all the unwanted spaces you have been trying to get rid of for so long and out of all the ideas to do so. They create a breathtaking visual pathway that only intensifies the beauty of your home. Cover the floors with a rug and no one knows what lies beneath it! 

Third, it coordinates with all the boho accessories on your walls or the seating places. A matching or contrasted colored rug evens out the frame of your living space to make it look as it’s in harmony and breathable. You can go for beautiful Persian, Turkish, or Morocco-style rugs to give the place a royal look and feel. 

If you are ever in a pickle what more to do with your space or if it upsets you to not achieve the output you expected even after putting so much effort into decorating your room boho style, throw some rugs around sensibly and see your place coming to life like a charm. Because, there is nothing like a rug which cannot solve your eclectic boho decor troubles. 

Play With Textures

Your humble boho abode needs to be rich with textures to convey that eclectic feeling. A hint of delicate, fuzzy, smooth, and shiny details all around will make your place interesting and enjoyable. 

Texturing simply means adding a sharpness to the canvas. It can be textured walls with designer wallpapers or textures in the types of cushions or throw pillows or even a piece of wooden furniture which makes even a minimalistic living room extravagant. 

Combining textures is a cost-efficient way to do more with less when you are tight on budget or want to go for nothing but clean visuals. The bohemian environment holds onto its essence when a splash of patterns, styles, and hues unite. The more you master texturing within your home decor, the more it’s going to squeal grace.

Liven Up Your Floors With Low-Lying Furniture

Well, to be honest, the reality of the boho living lies in the low-lying furniture. Cushions topped with rugs, plush, and poufs would make you ditch your bed for sure. 

Whether you want extra seating for your place or a corner where you can take a nap, relax or read a book, nothing can be more comforting than lying on a low-backed sofa instead of a bean bag.

These also work amazingly well for when you have a bunch of friends coming over for a night stay or PJ party to make that extra room for everyone. You can also try to go for the floor cushions for casual lounging as well. 

Low lying furniture demands low maintenance, is easily movable in case you get bored with its fixing, and readily customizable- all you need to do is throw new headrests, cushions and rugs.

Get Dramatic With Mirrors and Metals

A boho home decor often looks more upstate carefree and chic, and the mirrors and metallics tune it with a classy and sophisticated one. 

Mirrors have more than just helping us look at our faces, trust me! The streaks of sunshine hit the surface of mirrors; it gives the natural glow that no other artificial light can when it’s broad daylight.

Metals and mirrors work as a hallmark when we speak of eclectic boho home decor. It creates an illuminating effect that combines the entire room to look majestic and grandeur. 

You can use various shapes and sizes of mirrors varying from large, petite, and even the tiny ones on the walls. And when it comes to metals include metal hangings like lanterns or metallic wall pieces to go with the other bohemian accessories or have various glass lamps in a bedroom to add the extra definition and intrigue. 

Showcase Your Vintage Finds

rustic boho bookcase
Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Accessorizing works like a cherry on top in the world of home decor, especially when it comes to bohemian lifestyle, isn’t it? Without throwing mesmerizing handicrafts, antiques, vases, lanterns, showpieces, and whatnot, the interior looks sketchy. How else would you show off all the antiques you have collected in such a long time from where you have traveled?

Display the extraordinary artistic accessories which shall reflect your unique sense of style in the decorations you do. Go bold with local antiques which have been lying in your storeroom and have failed to grab attention up till now.  

The vintage look fits like a glove when we think of accessorizing in a bohemian fashion. The ancient sculptures, pottery, manuscripts, lamps, furniture, everything takes us back to the rich cultures and ancient times. 

Run errands and shop for traditional and historic props are available in flea markets and that too at such a reasonable rate without worrying to hurt your wallet and swap the outlook of your entire room. 

Choose Bright Colors

As discussed above, picking the right tones make the base for your overall enhancements. And so sticking to bright hues for furniture, wall patterns and even rugs will make the room lively. 

On the other hand, picking darker shades of minimizes the visibility of other colors which can backfire considering your efforts of making the room look dreamy and pretty.

Light It Right

Correct lighting is important to brighten your room and enhance the look even more. The warm and cozy feeling is indeed achieved by the type of lights you use to go with the eclectic boho decor. 

While you may see only a couple of options when it comes to brightening your space, a boho-inspired room would be filled with rattan floor lamps, embellished metal fixtures, lights tied in a rope, or covered in feather, or even a bamboo pendant light. 

A combination of a maximum of three light types will illuminate your room like a beam of sunshine. A place well lit can swing your mood or dim it, however, it’s up to you how much you would want to add to your space for liveliness. 

More Is More When Going Boho

Bohemian home decor and the lifestyle itself is far away from simplistic or minimal. Don’t expect to see spacious, and empty white spaces much. Eclectic boho home interior design works on the principle of maximalism wherein you can mix any types and kinds of patterns, textures, hues to create a breathtaking visual impact. 

Every boho element makes sense when you see them together as one. It just takes a decent understanding of how visually appealing your decor can look if you exactly know how to pair them up right. 

Let The Finishing Touch Be With Fragrances

Nothing goes well that ends well right? Then why not with a fragrance that completes the look and brings together the mood the room was actually put together for. 

Light up a scented candle, a scent diffuser, essential oils, incense sticks to add to the beauty of the boho-style home you already have by now. A fragrance carries a lasting impact and leaves that first good impression when people come to visit you.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to eclectic boho home decor, there are absolutely no rules which apply. You can push your creativity to the edges, experiment with the new’s and the old’s, and always try to never adopt the minimalistic approach as that’s not what bohemian decor is all about. 

Eclectic boho styling is having fun with every element we discussed above. It is one type of design that should not restrict you from being imaginative or creative at all. The more you get experimental, the more you will do justice to bohemian decor ideas and styling. 

So now that you have a full package of how to get started with ornamenting your space, go ahead and try them on for real! 

Fill the empty spaces, throw rugs and pillows randomly around the room and see how beautiful the result comes out to be.

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