Vintage Boho Home Decor – 9 Trending Rugs & Carpets


Vintage boho home decor is all about leaving traces inspired from the late ’40s and ’50s to cherish in the modern era we live in. The exquisitely crafted boho rugs, carpets, antiques, and vintage collectibles that surround the people’s artistic homes, stuck with us somewhere, didn’t they?  Vintage home decor with a taste of boho … Read more

Eclectic Boho Home Decor – Decorating Tips & Ideas

boho interior

Isn’t it comforting to look at an eclectic boho home decor flawlessly in harmony with the setting? The soft-touch of multi-colored fabrics, the exotic boho prints, the appealing patterns, the delicate rugs, and the vintage accessories all-around transform any casual place into a fancy one.  Bohemian home decor undoubtedly brings peace to soothe the chaos … Read more